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The r4 ds is a unique device that allows you to back up games you own on your Nintendo DS, or DS lite console. The R4i is for use with the Nintendo DSi console. The R4 takes a micro sd memory card for storing all your data on, and is small enough to carry around with you. The r4 allows you to play Nintendo games on your DS and also watch films, view pictures and play music. To do this you will need a micro sd memory card, we offer bundled packages if you would like a 'ready to go package'.

The micro sd card can be connected to your PC and then you can transfer files for use on your ds console. The R4 DS is the most popular ds card and there's a reason why; it offers value for money and easy setup. A 2GB micro sd memory card can hold about 30-40 games and is small enough to carry with you not matter where you go. There are several skins available for easy customising to your tastes.

You may have end number of reasons to go in for the R4 Nintendo DS. For instance, you may use it as a movie player or even a media player or may be even to play games. We all dream to get the best out of the invested money and opting for the R4 Nintendo DS you are sure to get the best. In simple words, it is worth the investment.

With immense advancement in the technological world, you can now reap the maximum benefits by opting for the R4 Nintendo DS. Believe it or not, but then the R4 revolution is in itself an enormous advancement for the Nintendo DS and Dsi. There have been times when the handy Nintendo DS has been undervalued because of its insufficient storage space. None of these models comes with a hard drive that can retain the previously played game. Most game players are not fond of this idea. But then, with the R4 revolution you can indeed make a difference. All you need to is plug in the device into your Nintendo DS and pave your way towards saving multiple gaming histories.

This card aims at allowing the Nintendo device to run as well as download multiple games. You can refer to it as a multimedia player using which you can listen to music, watch videos to name a few. It you are fond of playing games then you cannot simply stay out from the enthusiasm and fun that comes from R4 Nintendo DS. So, make sure to play this game and let me know how you feel.

On the official website you will find that much is written about these products and about the other sources. We will try to give short, plain and simple reviews in layman's terms. Below our own review the original feature list can be easily found. The first DSi card released for the R4 DSbrand is the R4i. This product was created by the R4 DS SDHC Upgrade Team for the Nintendo DSi. This is also found compatible with the Nintendo DS Lite and Ninteno DS. The first development of the R4i cards was only working with the Japanese DSi but after many firmware updates this has become compatible with more console versions.

The R4 DS SDHC team had made a mistake in the production of the card's architecture the first time around. Due to this, the first generation R4i SDHC card might not work with the Nintendo DSi under the 1.4 firmware. The first generation card is not sold by the NDS-Gear and so you should not worry at all. All the R4i SDHC cards have been brought through the NDS-Gear work on the 1.4 Nintendo firmware (but not yet the latest 1.4.1 version).

The R4 DS SDHC card has not been produced by same persons contrary to popular belief who produced the original R4 DS card. The DS/DS Lite card that can be seen on the official website is the "R4v3" card that is not original. However, this group produced the original R4i card. You may feel it slightly confusing as it is clear but hopefully it makes sense. You should e-mail us for clarifying everything if requisite.

Various new functions are included by the R4i, as an example the ability for displaying and recognizing SD type, format and capacity, power saving features like the sleeping mode function, Multi-language setting, and easy-operated interface with a support of up to 32 GB of storage capacity with SDHC cards with enhanced performance even on the slower card. A capable R4 DS team has committed themselves for the maintenance of the website and kernel updates, R4i-SDHC cards as these all is compatible for all NDS games. Moreover, R4i-SDHC also supports the cheatcode and the soft reset setting on the basis of each game and this avoids possible conflicts, the new UI cheatcode has been designed that would be easy to use. A smooth gaming experience is also experienced even for the new users. The latest Moonshell 2.0 built in the card, R4i-SDHC will be delivering a better multimedia experience with higher decoding performance and better quality of the picture. A minimal error in shape and size will also ensure the improved manufacturing process of R4i-SDHC. The area of the gold finger and the card thickness is specifically controlled with the error range of less than 0.1mm as compared to a unique NDS game card that would help in increasing the compatibility between the R4i and the Nintendo console. Moreover, there is also the capacity of about 32GB with Micro-SDHC cards and are compatible with the DS, DS Lite, and DSi consoles.

> Where to buy the R4

R4 Ds

With the R4 DS you can add Micro SD/SDHC functionality to the NDS and NDS lite consoles. This means you can now play music, watch videos and view photos all on your console. There is no longer the need for expensive iPods or mp3 players, your Nintendo DS console can now do it all with the R4 DS device. One of the great features that the R4 DS offers is the ability to backup games onto one single, removing the need to carry multiple games cartridges with you at the same time. This also means you are less likely to lose one and since you can backup up you will always have the original copies and home safe and sound.

Homebrew games have been become a large part of what people use the R4 DS for. With the R4 DS you can access homebrew content. This can be found online for free and gives you the ability to access thousands of new game titles you previously couldn't thanks to the R4 DS. With the slot 1 support that the R4 DS offers, you can insert the R4 DS and have it running on the DS console in seconds; it fits into the regular games card slot on your console. This gives you an idea of just how small the R4 DS device is, yet it can do so much for your entertainment needs. Without a doubt the R4 DS has to be one of the most important updates that has come for handheld gaming.

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